Linda Sosnowski

Senior CAD Coordinator

Linda is one of the original employees of our team, hired by founder, Joe McHugh, in 1997. She started as a CAD Operator and since then has worked her way up to Senior CAD Coordinator. Over the years, Linda has worked on many special projects, but one that stands out the most is Philadelphia’s Park Casino because it was such a large project, and it was one of the first casinos in the state. One of Linda’s favorite memories at McHugh was celebrating a co-worker’s retirement and every time the song, “Happy Retirement Day” was played over the sound system, most people would form a Congo line around the office.

Whenever not in the office, Linda likes to spend her time outdoors. She loves the mountains, fly fishing, kayaking, and gardening. Her favorite foods are seafood and pasta, and when asked if she sees the glass as half full or half empty, she said it depends on the day.