Jillian Scarpello

BIM Coordinator

Jill started working with our team in 2011, as a part-time employee. She performed administrative duties and helped the CAD Department as needed. This turned into a full-time position as a CAD Operator, which then helped her become our Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordinator. She graduated with a BSID from Philadelphia University (now called Thomas Jefferson University). Jill’s favorite memory at McHugh was celebrating a co-worker’s retirement; every time a song was played over the sound system, most people would form a Congo line and dance around the office. It was a fun time had by all!

Outside of work, Jill spends most of her time with her husband, daughter, and close circle of friends. She always makes time to work out, especially because one of her favorite activities is going out to eat. Jill really enjoys all genres of food and doesn’t have a particular favorite, add on a glass of wine or dirty martini and the meal is complete!  She loves spending time at the beach and sees the glass as half empty, which she acknowledges she should work on. 

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