Ellis Preserve Office Building

We are proud to be a part of a local innovative project, Ellis Preserve Office Building, which is currently using Mass Timber wood, the future of wood construction. This will be the first commercial Mass Timber office building, in the Philadelphia region, residing at The Village of Ellis Preserve, in Newtown Square. This five-story, 105,000 sqft building represents a sustainable and carbon friendly alternative to traditional concrete and steel structures. 

Equus Capital Partners have teamed with D2 Group to create a new style of project by committing to sustainable practices and investing in the well-being of our future. By using Mass Timber wood, 720 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions will never be produced, which is equivalent to taking 201 cars off the road for a year. The energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction are equivalent to operating 90 homes in a year.

The exposed timber framing and high wood ceiling, combined with the large glass windows throughout the building, will not only provide aesthetics, but will also take advantage of solar gains.

The wood being used in the project will predominately come from a Black Spruce tree that is harvested in the boreal forests of northern Quebec. It will then be optimized at Nordic Structures manufacturing facility, a company that engineers wood projects for the construction industry.

Once completed in 2024, the new office building will be at the center of The Village at Ellis Preserve, a walkable downtown area with dining, hotel, and shopping options.

Thank you to Equus Capital Partners, D2 Groups, and IMC Construction for their partnership and valuable information provided in this article. We cannot wait to see the end results!