FIRST Robotics Challenge

FIRST Robotics Lego League Challenge – Over the course of 14 weeks, MEA’s Mike Witkowski, worked with several other parents to coach three robotics teams. It was great experience and lots of fun. This year’s challenge revolved around “Energy” and developing ways to improve energy related fields.

The 4th grade team worked on ways to implement Pavegen ( – energy generating tiles to power a Nintendo switch. They had hoped to sell it to the 76ers for their score board, but the 76ers did not return the e-mail. The 6th grade team focused on the electric grid issues in Texas. Who knew that Texas is not connected to the (2) main electric grides that serve the rest of the country? The 8th grade team worked on a Moonlight solar panel. Thank you, Stanford University, for a concept…

On January 21st all three teams competed. They gave it their all and had a great time along the way.  Here is a video of the event:

Please encourage the young children in your life to explore STEM related activities. They are the future.