Meet Our New Team Member

Meet Huy Chea, our new Co-op team member. Chea is currently a sophomore at Drexel University and plans to graduate in 2025. He supports our design teams with various tasks including load calculations and ductwork layouts. The co-op program is a great opportunity for us to receive the extra support, and for the industry to attract young new talent.

We asked Chea a handful of questions to get to know him better. We are happy to have him part of the team and wish him the best of luck as he finishes school and works towards his future goals.

Why are you majoring in Engineering?

As a logical thinker, I like knowing how things around me work and I knew that majoring in engineering would help me better understand the world around me. I majored in Mechanical Engineering specifically because it teaches a little bit of everything in the engineering world.

What do you like most about Engineering?

What I like most about engineering is being able to solve real world problems. I think it’s very rewarding knowing that the knowledge and skills I accumulate will contribute towards helping other people or society.

What are your future plans in Engineering?

My future plan in Engineering is to use the skills and knowledge I accumulate to help build an impactful company.

What do you like to do outside of school and work?

Outside of school and work, I like to exercise, read financial/personal development books, and hang out with friends and family.