Improving Air Quality in Existing System

MEA’s Project Engineer, John Bisacquino, addressed a question our clients have been asking… how to improve indoor air quality in their existing buildings and systems. Simple answer: Portable Air Cleaners.

I have been receiving questions from clients on ways to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in their existing facilities and HVAC systems. Increasing filtration MERV ratings and outside air ventilation rates can result in decreased performance and efficiency on existing central systems and potentially creating undesirable space conditions (temperature, humidity, air quality). ASHRAE recently published an article on the concept of adding portable air cleaners (HEPA filters) for public spaces (i.e. conference rooms, ballrooms, classrooms, restaurants) to reduce airborne particulates and virus. A very informative article on the effectiveness of supplemental air cleaners as a solution to improving IAQ. The article does not address specific product performance but provides positive case study results on the use of air purifies.

John Bisacquino, Project Engineer

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