Agusta Aerospace

3050 Red Lion Road, Philadelphia, PA 19114

Sqft: 169,000
Cost: 15,000,000

Over the course of eight years we have designed building systems for (2) fueled air craft hangars, a helicopter assembly line, warehouse, paint booth, and office space, retrofitted hangar spaces, site lighting, a visitors’ center and worked with the Department of Aviation on several campus improvement projects for Agusta. Listed are several of the key systems designed on the campus. Design of explosion proof and non-explosion proof utility pits providing power for working on helicopters. Design of a foam deluge fire protection system for the fueled air craft hangar including fire pump, foam generators and drainage system. Design of a warehouse heating system utilizing an air rotating device.   Design of a variable air volume system for the office building. Provided all utilities and connections for a helicopter paint booth including breathable air systems.